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Kerry Mondragón - Writer/Director/ Creative Director


Kerry Mondragon is a writer, director, and producer known for Tyger Tyger (2020) and Meet Me at a Funeral (2015). Mondragon was born and raised in the ancient haunts of the Sonoran barrios and borderlands of the Mexican desert, a landscape populated by wild poets, peyote roadmen, and saintly Mexican grandmothers.  He wrote poetry at an early age and corresponded with Allen Ginsberg at age ten, until Allen's death. After his biological father left, he was raised by his mother and step-father (turned-father,) they relocated to Marin County, California where he was blasted by the culture shock of a very different world. He discovered the dark shadow side of the wealthy county - a youth scene of bullying, trauma, drugs, alcohol – and was disgusted by the spiritual pretense of their culture. Bullied out of middle school and unable to adjust to high school, he lived the life of the youth underworld of one of the nation’s wealthiest towns.


Throughout, he honed his artistic skills, he dropped out of college, worked at an ad agency and used that money to jump onto a crowd-funded Spike Lee feature film where he assisted the legendary director in prep and principal photography. This served as his film school. Upon returning to California and after significant life experiences, he resolved to make something pure, honest, and true - something stripped of all Hollywood illusions that was recognizable to those still lost in the pain of addiction - something to give hope to the hopeless.

Karla Hernańdez Wetiko

Karla Hernández - Producer

Graduated with a degree in Audiovisual and Film Production from the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) - Mexico 2020. 

Previously studied at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences UNAM, specializing in Journalism - Mexico 2015


She has also attended several workshops on photojournalism, screenwriting, traditional animation, photography, editing, documentary filmmaking and management and financing of audiovisual and film projects.

As an independent producer she has produced the short films "Atrapaluz" - Locarno Film Festival (2020), "Atados los Años Engullen la Tierra" - FICUNAM (2021), "Respiración Artificial" Black Canvas (2020), "Tierra" CCC, among others. In addition to several music videos, commercials and live music sessions.

She has worked in different areas of production in production companies such as Perro Azul, Varios Lobos, Lemon Films, La Corte and Fabula Television in feature films and series for setreaming.

She is currently producing the postproduction of the series "Familia de Medianoche" for Apple TV and was Co-Producer and Line Producer of the feature film "Wetiko".

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Michael Hoff - Producer / VFX producer


Michael Alexander Hoff, one of twin boys, was born on December 30, 1992. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Michael comes from a medical family as both his grandfathers, his father, his brother and three of his uncles are doctors. While both of his brothers have or will be serving in the military, Michael has chosen a different route, the more creative one, filmmaking. Michael's interest in theatrical storytelling began at the age of six, when, to the shock of his parents, he was nowhere to be found at his school's pickup lot. Michael was later found at a nearby high school, where he had auditioned for a play, which he was then cast in. This role spurred his enthusiasm and passion for performing arts, which then grew into a passion for storytelling, as he became interested in photography and film in middle school. As a sophomore in high school he made his first documentary short film, "Beating the Unbeatable: Joe Wise," about his friend who has muscular dystrophy and was the youngest swimmer in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. The film is a moving portrayal of the struggles caused by Joe's disease, which he was able to overcome through swimming and his undeniable spirit, both of which eventually helped him beat the odds of his grim prognosis. The film won Adobe's International Student Innovation Awards in 2009 and provided Michael with the resources and mentorship he needed to begin his career in film at a young age. As a high school student, Michael went on to produce and edit a short film addressing suicide in teens and began his foray into commercial work through promotional mountain biking videos. His senior year Michael filmed a documentary about Father Joseph Uhen of Santisimo Sacramento Parish, in Piura Peru. Although this film was never released, the process exposed Michael to the various legal obstacles and aspects of international filmmaking. Michael then attended The University of Colorado at Boulder where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. As a college student, Michael continued making documentaries and action sports films, and was in one of the last classes at CU to use celluloid film in production courses. He studied notable filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage and Werner Herzog, and upon graduation, moved to Los Angeles. Michael climbed the ladder as an assistant, at both an agency and production company, until he was able to eventually utilize his editing skills to break into the industry. He has since worked on various union productions, in many different roles, from 1st AD to Editor, and now applies his experience and skills as a Producer. He worked with Kerry Mondragon on "Tyger Tyger," starring Dylan Sprouse, as an editor and producer 2018. In 2022 he produced Mondragon's feature "Wetiko," which they shot in the jungles of Southern Mexico.

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